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Sep 4 13 10:25 AM

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A question for everyone. If you knew someone who had never seen a Rollin film before and was curious what would you show them first and why? Sent from my SPH-D710 using Yuku app
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Sep 4 13 12:02 PM

Show them one of your favourite films of his. I did.

Most of my friends in real life aren't interested in or familiar with cult/b-movies/exploitation film so when the opportunity to show a Jean Rollin film came about, I just showed one of my absolute favourites: Night of the Hunted, my friend liked it.
Alternatively, I probably would try and pick a film similar to a favourite film of theirs or a favourite genre.
Generally speaking I probably wouldn't show one of his Vampire films or soft core or hard core films to someone experiencing Jean Rollin for the first time.

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Sep 4 13 6:13 PM

I think it is tricky due to how incredibly distinctive and unique Rollin's work is.  On the one hand you don't want to alienate a potential fan by letting them dive in with one of Rollin's more esoteric works but at the same time you don't want to misrepresent Rollin as a 'typical' horror filmmaker.  The first Rollin film I ever showed my wife was Shiver of the Vampires and she seemed to really enjoy it.  Since then I have showed her The Iron Rose, The Grapes of Death and Fascination.

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Sep 4 13 8:21 PM

I guess the first thing you'd have to do is consider your audience. If it was a man, I'd go with one of Rollin's more accessible films like GRAPES OF DEATH or THE DEMONIACS (it also doesn't hurt that they have copious nudity!). If it was a female, something like THE IRON ROSE might be the way to go, or maybe LIPS OF BLOOD. There are romantic themes in those two that might appeal to a woman.

"Doesn't thinkin' like that give ya nightmares?"

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Sep 6 13 10:37 AM

I think that watching "Le frisson des vampires" is the best way, a typical Rollin film, easy to understand and not too slow.
I started by "Les raisins de la mort", so it's a good way too.

"Si demain, elle n'est toujours pas revenue, j'avertirai le maire, et nous ferons une battue"

- Youri Radionow, in "Le lac des morts-vivants"

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