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Welcome to Fascination:  The Jean Rollin Experience Message Board. 
Please review the following few guidelines and rules before posting:

1.  Please be respectful of all other members.  While different opinions and viewpoints are very welcome, keep it civil.  Anyone who is abusive to another member will be given one warning and then banned if the behavior continues. 
2.  Links to rare films, articles and scans are allowed but just make sure that they are NOT currently commercially available.  Anyone who posts a link to a commonly available title that is not currently out of print, or hard to come by, will be given two warnings and then banned if another violation occurs.   
3.  If you are posting text from an external article or website please credit the original source with, at the very least, a mention and preferably a link.  Anyone claiming authorship to material that is not their own will be banned without warning.
4.  This forum may contain nudity and links to adult content.  If material like this offends you, or if you are not allowed to view it, please do not visit this page.

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