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Aug 24 13 4:45 PM

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My name is Jeremy Richey and I am the creator and moderator of this forum.  I run the Jean Rollin tribute blog Fascination:  The Jean Rollin Experience as well as Moon in the Gutter, Harry Moseby Confidential and The Arrival of Sylvia Kristel.  I live in Kentucky with my wife Kelley, our dogs Molly and Maizie and our cat Mazzy.  My work was has appeared in a number of publications as well as many various online spots.  My main sites are linked below as well as my Facebook profile, in case you want to send a request.

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Aug 28 13 4:31 AM

Hi Jeremy and everyone...I've followed the Jean Rollin blog for a little while now and think a forum devoted to the man is a great idea! Glad to be here. As for who I am, I'm 37 years old and currently live in a suburb of Atlanta. My taste in film ranges from Rollin (of course) to Paul Naschy, Jess Franco, older American cinema going back to the silent era, anything new and interesting that might be playing at the local theater, and any other genres that might catch my interest at a given moment.

"Doesn't thinkin' like that give ya nightmares?"

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Aug 28 13 7:58 AM

Re: Greetings from your Moderator

Hey Ron,
Thanks so much for joining and posting. Franco is a favorite of mine as well. I need to watch more Naschy as I have only seen a few of his films.

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