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Aug 27 13 6:53 AM

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Aug 28 13 4:36 AM

This and LES RAISINS DE LA MORT are probably my favorite Rollin films. I just love the idea of the two female protagonists in clown suits wandering into an encounter with the fantastic and unknown. I can't think of another film that uses the beauty of the French countryside so well.

"Doesn't thinkin' like that give ya nightmares?"

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Aug 28 13 4:38 AM

To me, the French countryside is really well-shown in "Zombie Lake", an incredibly funny Eurociné production that Rollin did shoot in one week.

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Aug 28 13 7:47 AM

Yeah, me too. Maybe I'm crazy, but it's my favorite castle in all Rollin's films. I know that it's not a good film, but it's so lovingly shot. Amazing.
Back to "Requiem ...", it's one of my fav Rollin films too, but it's hard to get in it.

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