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Completely off-topic.
Sorry to bring it up, but that would be great if you listen to my guitar demo, which is actually a tribute to Jess Franco.
Here it is : http://getoutofthisshittyplace.bandcamp.com/album/living-dead-among-the-virgins
Download is free (you just have to click on the "Buy now" button), but you can give money if you want.
There is pretty much various (goes from acoustic guitar to Thrash Metal)
Each song title makes reference to one or several things related to Jess's universe.
LITTLE GAME : Try to get all the references in the song titles.
Enjoy, and thanks for you attention :)

- Martin

"Si demain, elle n'est toujours pas revenue, j'avertirai le maire, et nous ferons une battue"

- Youri Radionow, in "Le lac des morts-vivants"

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