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Jan 14 14 2:55 PM

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One of the things I love the most about Jean Rollin is how he relates to place; to space. His locations are not just backdrops to action, to movement; they are always central characters in his films there is something powerful, moving, beautiful, deep and profound about how he relates to places and spaces. Its magic at its simplest.

Even at his weakest (I'm looking at you Zombie Lake) I always come away from watching the film with a profound sense of place; a deep strong desire to experience these places first hand. (I wish)

It doesn't matter where these places are 'natural' or architectural he communicates a deep love. Even modernist architecture (which I feel is anti-place) he transforms into something greater.

An excellent example is my Favourite part in The Iron Rose; the beginning with the opening shots depicting the village and the banquet. I haven’t seen that film in years and still it sticks in my mind. He celebrates the ordinary and also elevates it to the extraordinary at the same time.
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Jan 15 14 6:27 AM

This is exactly what I feel!
"Zombie Lake" is one of the most beautiful sets he has ever worked on (in my humble opinion).

"Si demain, elle n'est toujours pas revenue, j'avertirai le maire, et nous ferons une battue"

- Youri Radionow, in "Le lac des morts-vivants"

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Jan 20 14 1:59 PM

He definitely includes the background as an element in the frame in a Serious way that, along with his tendency to be really stagey with his compositions, makes his work seem like a series of static images. It's a distinct thing. I find myself drawing parallels to Edward Gorey books because I'm a dopey goth, but the same respect for landscape and architecture and general flatness is definitely there.

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