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Nov 1 13 7:04 AM

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So here's something pretty strange I discovered today...

I happened to be comparing prices for a few blu-ray discs at different sites, and stumbled upon the following pre-order page at, listing a forthcoming Redemption release of "Nude For Satan".... with cover art declaring it to be part of the "Cinema of Jean Rollin" line!

Surely some mistake, right? I mean, I actually like "Nude For Satan" a lot, but it's a 1974 Italian film directed by Luigi Batzella that has no connection to Jean Rollin whatsoever, as far as I know.
As it's not been announced anywhere else(?), could this cover art be some kind of bungled effort that Kino/Redemption sent out to distributors and then immediately withdrew when someone pointed out this embarrassing mistake..?

Or, could it instead be a particularly confusing retitling of a lesser-known Rollin adult film..? Or are Redemption starting to consider putting Rollin's name on the packaging of movies that are simply "kind of a bit like" Rollin films? Or IS there actually some previously unknown connection between Rollin and "Nude For Satan"?
Or, well... WHAT THE HELL, basically?

Your thoughts please.
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Nov 1 13 8:27 AM

I'm sure it's a mistake. Probably the immediately withdrawn bungled effort scenario. Kino is working on this title, but it got pushed back until (probably at least) mid-2014. Difficult film to deal with because of the format it was shot on (printed sideways or somesuch) and the hardcore inserts which were part of the original release.

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Nov 1 13 9:00 AM

Yeah, that was my best guess too after I thought about it for a few minutes. Panic over, etc.

I guess someone at Redemption just knocked up some placeholder artwork with the same template used for the Rollin releases, and forgot to remove the text or something..? A nice reminder of how incredibly sloppy Redemption's presentation can be, after the relatively up-market look of their Kino collaborations... ; )

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Nov 2 13 1:06 PM

I almost had a heart attack reading the title of the topic. I was so disappointed when I read your messages, I thought a previously unreleased hidden Rollin was found, because I never heard of Luigi Batzella.

"Si demain, elle n'est toujours pas revenue, j'avertirai le maire, et nous ferons une battue"

- Youri Radionow, in "Le lac des morts-vivants"

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