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Oct 15 13 9:54 PM

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Cult Collectibles is releasing a wobbly bobbly headed figure of some guy that kind of looks like Jean Rollin.  Personally, I feel like it was a nice effort, and I've been curious to see the results for a while now, but, it's just not doing it for me.  Honestly, I'm not sure what I expected, but,'s just kind of boring as far as I'm concerned.  You know what would have been cool?  A figure of Rollin with the two ladies from La Vampire Nue kneeling at his side.  That would have been incredible.  Or, something along those lines.  
Really, it's just my opinion, but I feel like there was plenty to work with here.  I appreciate the fact that Rollin has his own action figure type thingy, but I just thought it could've been way hipper than this.  I own the Cult Collectibles Rudy Ray Moore as Dolemite Wobbly Bobbly Thingy, and it's great.  But that's because Rudy Ray Moore himself was a character.  He was a great character who deserved to have his own action figure.  He was a movie star.  Jean Rollin was a man behind the scenes.  I can appreciate the effort Cult Collectibles put into creating a toy based on him, but DAMN!  It could've been so much cooler!  Jean Rollin created some of the most unique imagery slapped onto celluloid.  What the hell?  Slap some of that imagery onto the figure created in his tribute.  
No offense to the folks at Cult Collectibles, but hear me out.  This is a niche market here.  Not many people will be looking for an item like this.  Speaking for myself, I truly appreciate the effort.  Hell, I'll probably even order one.  I'm just saying.  I've seen your other products.  I own the Dolemite figure.  I've considrerd purchasing the Fulci figure.  They all seem to represent what their heads wobble and bobble for.  Pretty cool stuff.  Sorry, but I was just hoping for more when it came to my man, Rollin.  But as far as I'm concerned, the figure just looks like some random guy.  Regardless, I think I'm still gonna go for it.  The fact that a figure exists for such a true Cult Collectible is pretty hard to resist.
I just hope that in the future the folks at Cult Collectibles will keep this in mind.  I would love to see a Jess Franco figure or a Paul Naschy figure done properly.  That means lesbian vampires or lycanthropes or blood or guts or sex or violence included.  Just my opinion.  None of it really matters.  Our government is shut down and I'm concerned about some toy right now.  Oh well.  God bless America.
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Oct 16 13 3:49 AM

I'm absolutely going to order because, like you, I appreciate the effort and the box, film-strip and card are cool.  I do wish the actual figure looked a little more dynamic.  I like your idea Blazed for the figure or I would have just done a character from one of his films.  I'll post a link for this over in the news section as well.

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Nov 1 13 1:38 PM

Thanks for your comments. I put a lot of time, effort and money into making these figures so I tend to take criticisms a little bit personally.... you are correct that this is a niche item... therefore sales for this figure will be minimal at best which is why I only made 250, the minimum allowed by my manufacturer. I get dozens of requests of what I should be making all the time, but if only a dozen people order it, how do I financially continue to make figures? I would love to make a Jess Franco figure and all the other random suggestions, but it honestly sometimes feels like people spend more time commenting on what is not being done, than supporting what really is. As it stands, this figure is my most expensive per unit and when it's all said and done and the figures are all sold and the family is paid (this is a official item and money does go to the family), I'll be lucky if I can buy a couple of blu-rays for myself. I had a great deal of ideas for this figure that would have made the figure truly amazing (box and figure) but would you be willing to pay $30-$50 plus shipping for this in order to make that happen? Also, this is not a statue, it's a bobblehead and while some might think they are cheesy, I find them to be a fun way to pay tribute to many things that aren't being paid tribute to... fun yet respectful and I work hard to make them the most realistic and as far from cheesy as I can... but there are also limits to the format and materials.

Ultimately, I hope there are about 200 people out there who will enjoy and appreciate this figure. He is standing in front of me on my desk right now.... and I can't help but smile and remember all my interactions with him since the mid 90's... my favorite being his faxed complaints to me about his fax machine waking him up at night when I was sending him a fax due to the time difference. Jean was always gracious and friendly with me in all aspects of whatever I was doing with or for him and I am honored that his family would trust me to be the one to create something of this nature in his honor.

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Nov 2 13 3:27 AM

Hey Mark,
Thanks for joining the forum and thanks for all your hard work on this,  I certainly hope that no one here, myself included, caused any offence to you as that certainly wasn't the intention.  We appreciate all the time and expense that went into this and wish you all the best of luck and success with it.  I will be ordering mine in the next week or so and can't wait to get it.  Thanks!

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Nov 2 13 9:01 AM

Like I said, It's hard for not to take things a little personal.... but I accept everyone's opinion as their own. In all honesty, the figures ALWAYS look better in hand as opposed to in photos and I hope that those who do purchase it will enjoy it. Thanks for what you are doing here as well..... it's essentially what I always wanted to do with but time to do all the projects I am doing simultaneously leaves some things unfortunately in need of attention... jean's site being one of them.

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Nov 14 13 10:26 AM

I just received mine and posted my thoughts and a photo on the other forum.  I am very, very pleased with it.

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