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Sep 12 13 8:16 AM

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Hello all.

My name is Ben, I live in London, and I apologise for my rather late arrival to this forum (a combination of a lack of free time and general confusion over the membership approval process).

I write the weblog Breakfast In The Ruins, and and have written a number of reviews of Jean Rollin's films:

For the reviews, I've tended to concentrate on Rollin's more obscure efforts, but nonetheless my favourites probably remain his better known work. It's impossible to choose a single film, but his first three vampire films, 'The Iron Rose' and 'Lips of Blood' definitely form the top five - some of my favourite films of all time, from one of my favourite film directors (obviously enough, given that I'm posting here).

I hope I'll get a chance to contribute to some of the discussions here over the next few days, and look forward to getting to know you all.

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Sep 12 13 4:25 PM

Re: Hello.

welcome aboard Ben, it's great to see you here. I'm sorry about the confusion with the membership by the way. Also I really recommend everyone visit Ben's website Breakfast in the Ruins. It is one of my favorite blogs.

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Sep 13 13 8:39 AM

Welcome dude, love your blog !

"Si demain, elle n'est toujours pas revenue, j'avertirai le maire, et nous ferons une battue"

- Youri Radionow, in "Le lac des morts-vivants"

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Sep 14 13 1:31 AM

Hello and welcome! your writing is truly beautiful.

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Oct 7 13 10:16 AM

Good to see you here, Ben! I've been a dedicated follower of Breakfast In The Ruins for quite a while now, and have picked up some great movies on your recommendation.

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