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Sep 12 13 2:33 AM

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I think there needs to be some discussion and clarification on this. Most of his work would be considered NSFW or adults only and well if you are a fan you probably know that. Yet the only forum with a warning is the secret cinema one. And so far most of the forum discussions at some point have included nudity or more explicit content.

I wonder where its worth putting something in the guidelines about this. Say for example:
please expect to be exposed to nudity and possibly more when perusing this forum
How about banning explicit content (I include nudity in this) from some of the sub forums. So people who don't want to be exposed to it can still discuss Jean Rollin.
There has been some assumptions made about what kind of people would join this forum when the guidelines where written and maybe people who don't conform to these might join. Maybe people might not know what they're signing up for when the join.

I hope this makes sense. Maybe it's not that important with so few of us on the forum at the moment.

I brought this up because I was going to post some pictures from Brigitte Lahaie's many animal themed pictorials because they seemed so strange to me and to prove the point that she has done so many. But then I realised they might be crossing a line. I felt these softcore penthouse styled pictorials implied bestiality or that could be a interpretation if someone was inclined.
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Sep 12 13 8:21 AM

Hey Draw,
I have moved some forums around, added a rule about being 18 and over and made the collaborators private.  I think that should address the issue.  Let me know if you have any other thoughts and thanks for your suggestions.

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